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Although I'm generally not a fan of having my photo taken, over the past 2 years, Zurina has taken several shots of me & my 3 young sons which I really love! I think this is because of a combination of several factors: (1) Zurina takes time beforehand to talk to you & understand what type / feel of shots you want, (2) she's happy to take the photos in a natural environment (like our home) so we can all feel comfortable & relaxed during the photo shoot, (3) during each shoot, she manages to see & capture something special -a playful mood, a shy smile... and (4) she works hard on the editing & finshing to get the photos printed just right. I am definitely a fan of Zurina Bryant Photography!- JP Forrest

Zurina’s effervescent style is well reflected in her photos. She managed to capture the feminine side of me with ease which is a feat because normally I am rather shy on camera. It was just relaxing with her. A chat and a snap and I got just what I expected. I am so pleased !Thank you Z !- Sya

What i love about Zurina is that she always manages to capture that little something that makes it an amazing photo. That crazy laugh, the cheeky wink or that split second when I just drift into my own world and think that no one's noticed. Next thing you know, photos are in front of me and Im thinking...woah,she got that shot!- Cheryl Ow

I've been a professional model for 17 years, and I've probably had my photo taken hundreds of times. I know what I like when i see it. I had been on hiatus for 2 years and was ready to have recent shots done for my portfolio so i could get back to work, and i was searching for photographers who could help me. But not just any photographer will do! After searching online I found and while i was browsing through the photo galleries, i was struck by several photographs that she had taken that conveyed so much emotion. How the downward cast of the subject matter could relay anything from introspection, to a quiet reflective calm. Or how the grace of material blowing in the wind helped to inspire thoughts of freedom and elation... i know that when a photograph inspires emotion, it is art, and i just had to meet the artist! We scheduled a meet to discuss the direction of the photography prior to the shoot, and when the actual shoot was underway, the direction was easy and the chemistry was great! And when conditions are like this, you know you are going to get great shots. Now I'm spoiled for choice as i have too many to choose from! Not a bad situation to be in at all! Thanks Zurina!- Linda Black

I don’t recall ever enjoying having my photo taken, let alone seeing the results. Zurina and her team made it a world of fun – from arriving at the story we wanted to tell through to hair, make up and styling. I now have a set of pictures that I love and can use for a wide range of purposes and across media. What Zurina sees through her lens goes much deeper than what meets the eye and her work proves that. Give yourself a gift and spend a day doing a photo shoot with Zurina!- Marta Grutka

Zurina made our young family feel relaxed and comfortable; it was quick, easy and fun to get some great family photos. Zurina took time to discuss, edit and then suggested different ways to display the captured moments. We would highly recommend her to all.- Sam Gill

I met Zurina at my daughter's school at the time I was looking for a photographer to take our family photos. I decided to ask Zurina if she'd like to do it. We had the shoot with her at the end with just my daughter on a beach. I have to say it was fun and I enjoyed Zurina. She looked at our character and lifestyle and tried to take those in while doing the shoots. The result was so satisfying. I would definitely use her again.- Poomtien

My photo shoot with Zurina was relaxing and laid back. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves, as we were just doing our own thing, whilst she was snapping away. When we did do any 'sitting' for the camera, Zurina even managed to get my daughter to smile for the camera (well, almost!!), and that's an achievement. The pictures were lovely - they really captured the children and I, in our best light. Very impressive compared to the mediocre service one becomes accustomed to in Singapore (sorry Singapore!).- Ishra Giblett

Ever since Elias was born, I've been thinking about having professional pictures taken, but at the same time, didn't want any long tyring photo sessions. With Zurina, the photo shoot was done in a very relaxed way, it didn't take too long, so Elias was really comfortable and we even managed to take a few good pictures of my eldest daughter! Both my kids were very comfortable around Zurina, as a result we've got quite alot of smiles.- Sandra Gubbay

“Zurina is an amazing photographer! Posing was a dream, she seemed to just catch moments I didn't even know where there. The session seemed too easy to turn out the photos that are now some of my all time favorites. Can't wait to shoot again!” - Crista Leopardi