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What can I tell you about myself that is not the norm.

Well, for a start people are always surprised when I tell them I was born in Hobart (Tasmania). Yes, land downunder, the apple isle.

My parents were studying there - got married - had me, then moved back to my dad's home town in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia three months later.

I grew up and studied at the Kinabalu International School until the end of Primary school when I then switched countries and actually went back to Tasmania to study – first at Clarence High School, then onto St Mary’s College. This meant I did a lot of travelling as a young teenager going back and and from each country during my holidays.

I guess, all this travel at an early age helped to fuel my interested in photography. There was always something going on - a catch up with family, friends. Birthday parties, outings, holiday moments.

Ask anyone who has known me a long time. I was the one who always had a camera in hand to capture our moments together.

My passion for photography exploded when I fell pregnant with Tasha in 2005. I decided it was time to start perfecting my skills so I could diarise her life, and do it well, via my photographs. I took my first course that year to ‘work out what all the buttons on my camera meant’. I fell pregnant again with Nathan in 2006 and decided to take on another course to upgrade my skills.

In January 2008 I started to consider the possibility of working as a photographer as my friends liked my photographs and had started to ask me to photograph them and their kids. In April 2008 I got my first client. And so the story continues on.

The short of the story is...I love profiles. I love profiling people. All types of profiles, and people!

If you'd like to read more - check out my blog - its a great diary update of what I've been up to -